21st Oct

Round 1 League Result

"Hey everyone,This week I would just like to congratulate the 2 girls and 3 lads that went down to Jordanstown to compete against Ulster University A team. After a bumpy and long journey down we were eager to get started and we got of to a great start with Emma Gallagher winning her singles games. Emma took an impressive 2-0 victory and did so in great fashion. Our second game seen Srikanth take on a very competitive singles game in which it should know real clear victor at the start as both lads put up a good effort. In the end it was a close game in which Ulster University A took the win. Our 3rd game was myself and Eleanor Knox. It was a fun game and seen the both of us thankfully come out on top with 2 decisive wins. The 4th game was myself and Koushik. It got of to a rocky start but we brought it back in the first game but our efforts where just short as they took the first game from us. The second game of that set was also just as close but again Ulster University A was able to close that out for the win. The final game of the evening was Emma & Eleanor and they took it with ease. Both girls showed great skill and we look forward to seeing them progress in the tournament.A big thanks to all the folks at Ulster University for hosting us and we were also able to get some extra friendly games in the lads. It was great to see our substitute player Dilin get a chance to show of his skills.We look forward to playing in the next round and will continue to post the updates here and on the ATU sports centre Facebook page.Thanks,Gareth"

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