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Athletics Club A club for athletes of every discipline to engage and discuss all things athletics!
Badminton Keep Calm And Smash Hard
Boxing Club NEW Boxing for all abilities
Camogie Club ATU DL Camogie 2023/24
Canoe Club Boats and Stuff
Cheerleading Club NEW Together we stand, together we fall. All for one and one for all.
Cricket Club Keep calm and bat on
Hockey Club NEW Unleash Your Inner Athlete and Experience the Thrill of the Game!
Hurling Club ATU Donegal Hurling
Ladies Gaelic Football Club ATU Donegal Ladies Gaelic Football
Men's Basketball Club ATU Donegal Men's Basketball
Men's Freshers Gaelic Football Club ATU Donegal Men's Fresher Gaelic Football
Men's Senior Gaelic Football Club ATU Donegal Men's Senior Gaelic Football
Men's Soccer Club ATU Donegal Men's Soccer
Powerlifting Club NEW Do you even lift bro?
Rugby Club ATU Rugby is a game for all
Volleyball Club ATU Donegal Volleyball
Women's Basketball Club ATU Donegal Ladies Basketball Team
Women's Soccer Club ATU Donegal Womens Soccer

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