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Agricultural Science Society ATU Donegal Ag Society
Animation Bridging the gap
Chinese Tea Society NEW Come, sip, and savor the journey into the world of Chinese tea.
Christian Union Society Matthew 6.33 - Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else shall be added onto you
Cyber Security Society NEW cyber.society
Dance Society Donegal's Finest Dancers!
Dungeons & Dragons Society We want you! For the Dungeons & Dragons Society
Fashion Society NEW LCame for the clothes, stayed for the barbie references
Film & Drama Society NEW Escape reality through the world of Film and Drama.
Hospitality Society NEW The Hospitality Society if for everyone!
Indian Students Society Happiness begins when connected and united.
International Society Equally Different. Harmony Across Horizons: Embracing Diversity, Cultivating Unity!
Islamic Society NEW The Muslim Youth Society of ATU Donegal
Law Society Legally The Best Society: We Are Where Justice Meets Knowledge.
Music Society Music society
Neurodiversity Society NEW "Embrace Your Neurodiversity" and "Celebrate our difference!" #NeurodiversityClub
Paranormal Society NEW Are you a believer? Then join us...
Postgraduate Research Society Postgraduate Research Society
Programming Society NEW A space for you to develop your coding abilities.
Robotics Society Empowering Minds, Building Machines
Science Society NEW Alkynes of Trouble
Tabletop Society NEW Call of Cthulhu, Chess and Warhammer
Transgender & Non-Binary Society NEW For transgender and nonbinary students and allies

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