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About Chinese Tea Society

Welcome to the Chinese Tea Society! Our society is dedicated to promoting the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Chinese tea. Whether you're a seasoned tea enthusiast or completely new to the world of tea, our society offers a welcoming and inclusive space for all. China has a centuries-old history of tea cultivation and consumption, with a wide variety of tea types and unique brewing techniques. Through our society, we aim to introduce you to the fascinating world of Chinese tea, providing insights into its history, significance, and the art of tea preparation.

What Can You Expect from Our Society?

  1. Tea Tasting: We regularly host tea-tasting sessions, allowing you to explore a diverse range of Chinese teas, from delicate green teas to robust black teas and fragrant oolongs. You'll learn how to appreciate the subtle flavours, aromas, and brewing methods that make each tea unique.

  2. Cultural Exchange: Our society is not just about tea; it's also a platform for cultural exchange. You'll have the opportunity to engage with fellow students and tea enthusiasts, share your experiences, and learn about Chinese culture and traditions.

  3. Relaxation: At the Chinese Tea Society, we believe that tea is not just a beverage; it's a way to relax and find inner peace. You can look forward to moments of serenity and mindfulness during our tea sessions.

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Current Committee 2
President Suzhou Wei
Treasurer Yober Jenry

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