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Hello to anyone who is interested in joining the badminton society!

Why badminton? Well, regardless of how much experience you have anyone can pick up a badminton racket and stand on a court and hit that shuttle. Will you send it flying to the back line? Probably not. Will you miss it? Of course! You will however have a great time getting to know people and when that shuttle just skims over that net and lands where you aimed, you won't find a better feeling. (Even if you didn't aim for the spot, just say you did...)

We have started a brand new course of action for beginner players or even players looking to improve on their ability, we are now running some entry-level training/drills on a Tuesday as well as playing regular games. If you want to avail of the drills, simply turn up, ask for Gareth or if it has already started, awkwardly shuffle your way to the back and pretend like you have been there the entire time.

We will be running some competitions throughout the two semesters, when is undecided but it will be December sometime, it'll be nice to see how your progression stacks up when we play some really competitive games, prizes will be given out to the winners!

So that is my elevator pitch on why you should join the badminton club, feel free to reach out if you have any questons.


The Badminton Society

Current Committee 1
Chairperson Gareth

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