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This game emerged in Japan in the 1980s before moving to Europe, then North America, and finally became popular worldwide. While it is very close to paintball, several elements set these games apart, including:

Airsoft is considered an “honor sport” as players get to call their hits since the plastic projectiles used do not leave any mark or mess on the target, as is the case with paintballs. 

Most airsoft players get to buy their own BBs and guns, allowing for more fun game time. However, since most airsoft guns look realistic, some states will require you to obtain a license, making it essential to check your local laws.

Airsoft has outstanding military simulations as it can be used to pit groups of players against each other in a tactical setting. 

Current Committee 4
Chairperson Abhinav Tyagi(He/Him)
Secretary Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Treasure Anubhav Tomar
Public Relations Officer Akash Kangule

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